MPI Interface

In order to run XienceSim simulations on computer clusters one should use the SweepController which is compiled with MPI(the name of the executable is SweepController_MPI), and MPI has to be installed on the simulator nodes. On Windows we use MSMPI implementation, and on Linux MPICH2 libraries.

How to Set up XienceSim in an MPI Cluster

We need to have a working MPI cluster for the following, if you don't have one, you can set up based the following tutorial:

Create a new folder in your cluster's shared folder, and copy the fem/ csg/ mesher/ sweep/ folders to it.

 mkdir XienceSim
 cp -r yourXiencesiminstallation/fem ./XienceSim/
 cp -r yourXiencesiminstallation/csg ./XienceSim/
 cp -r yourXiencesiminstallation/mesher ./XienceSim/
 cp -r yourXiencesiminstallation/sweep ./XienceSim/

Also you need to generate a license file for each machine. For this run on each machine the OfflineUserFileCreator program, which creates the fingerprint of computer. Collect these files to a folder and run LicenseActivatorClient program, click on Batch activation, and select the created user files. It generates the license files for each machine in a separate folder. These licenses should be copied to a not shared location on the cluster computers.

Run SweepController_MPI program.

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