The Finite element solver is a consol program, which is integrated in the Graphical User interface. The program can be started also from command line with the following arguments:

 --I, -inputfile   #Input file, holds simulation data
 --O, -outputdir   #Output Directory
 --L, -licensepath #Path to the license file (can be ignored, if the license is copied next to executable)

With example:

 InputReader.exe --I "Input file path" --O "Output directory path"

Input File Structure

Pseudo code for the input file:

 <Simulation dim="1/2/3" mesh="path for the mesh.mzxm">
     <GlobalDef> # Global definitions
     <Materials> #Materials used in the simulations 
     <Studies> #Studies used in the simulation

Global definitions

The Global definitions section is responsible to describe the used: More on

<Units>               # The length scale of the simulation.
<Parameters>          # Parameters used in the symbolic expressions.
<CoordinateSystem>    # The used rotated coordinate system - in an-isotropic materials it is critical to set the correct rotation. 
<GlobalVariables>     # The variables can be used across simulation modules. The vales can be exported or imported.


The used materials are defined in the input files, and the corresponding domains from the geometry definitions. More on



The defined structure of the simulation, the solver calculates in the order of the definitions. After a study is solved, it exports the results, evaluates the probes, and the global variables, and can be used in the next study. The global variables are saved after all of the studies are solved. More on The possible studies are:

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