The BowyerWatson mesher makes Delauney triangulation in 2D, and 3D from the distributed points in the domain. It needs WireFrame file that contains the geometry, and instructions file for the mesher, how should it generate the mesh.

Command Line Interface

The mesher can be called from command line, with the following arguments:

  --G, -geometry   #Geometry file,which contains the wireframe
  --P, -parameters #File that contains the instructions for the mesher.  
  --O, -outputfile #Output mesh file. 

Parameters file

The parameters file starts with a root element, where it defines the dimension.

<Mesher type="BowyerWatson" dim="dimension">

The mesh sizes are defined for eachprimer, secunder, tercier, quaterner cluster in the following manner:

<DomainParameter Size="0.01" Index="0"/>
<SurfaceParameter Size="0.01" Index="0"/>
<PointParameter Index="0"/>

Example for 1D

<Mesher type="BowyerWatson" dim="1">
    <DomainParameter Size="0.01" Index="0"/>
    <DomainParameter Size="0.01" Index="1"/>
    <PointParameter Index="0"/>
    <PointParameter Index="1"/>
    <PointParameter Index="2"/>
    <PointParameter Index="3"/>

Generated Meshes

2D Mesh


Embedded domain

Embedded dense mesh

Disjoint embedded domain

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