The Netgen mesher is an interface to the netgen library. It is an advancing front algorithm, which is suitable for 2D triangular, and 3D tetrahedral meshes. The interface needs a WireFrame geometry file, and a parameters file in order to generate meshes.

Command Line Interface

The mesher can be called from command line, with the following arguments:

  --G, -geometry   #Geometry file,which contains the wireframe
  --P, -parameters #File that contains the instructions for the mesher.  
  --O, -outputfile #Output mesh file. 

Parameters file

The parameters file starts with a root element, where it defines the dimension.

<Mesher type="Netgen" dim="dimension">

The mesh sizes are defined for eachprimer, secunder, tercier, quaterner cluster in the following manner:

<DomainParameter Fineness="1" Grading="1" Maxsize="maximum element size" Minsize="minimum element size" Index="0"/>
<SegmentParameter Size="1" Index="0"/>

Generated Meshes

2D Mesh


Embedded domain

Disjoint embedded domain

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