QD superlattice dispersion

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The following tutorial on the following article:

Nika, D. L., et al. “Charge-carrier states and light absorption in ordered quantum dot superlattices.” Physical Review B 76.12 (2007): 125417.

We simulated the the following periodic structure depicted on Figure 1.

Figure 1. QD SL structure. The box of the QD has the edge lengths $l_x = 5.0 nm$, $l_y = 5.5 nm$, $l_z = 6.0 nm$ , while the spacing between the QDs are $2 nm$

The dot region is built from pure $InAs$ which is embedded in $Ga_{0.5}In_{0.5}As$ matrix.

The superlattice dispersion in the x direction of the electron energies is plotted in Figure 2, which is in a good agreement with Figure 2/a in the publication.

Figure 2. QD SL electron energy dispersion in the x direction

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