Resonant tunnel diode

In this example we calculate the Current-Voltage characteristics of the device demonstrated in double barrier tunneling tutorial, under ballistic conditions. We need to define a variable $Ucont$, which represents the voltage on the contact, which is going to be used in the voltage sweep. A sweep definition should be added which sweeps the $Ucont$ variable from $0.0V$ to $0.6V$, and set the volatage of one one contact to this $Ucont$ variable. In order to evaluate the current in the device we need to define a probe in the device with the expression:“j_point_INTERNAL” for all of the domains.

The resulted local density of states, and energy resolved charge density for $0.0V$ bias are plotted in Figure 1, and 2.

Figure 1. Energy resolved local density of states
Figure 2. Energy resolved electron density

The integrated electron density is plotted in Figure 3 for $0.0V$ bias.

Figure 3. Electron density for $0.0V$ bias

The calculated $I-V$ curve is plotted for varying bias in Figure 4.

Figure 4. I_V characteristics of the RTD structure

The project file can be downloaded from here

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