The files created by the FEMSolver are unstructured grid vtu files. They are developed by the VTK project. These files could be opened with Paraview or VisIt.

Post Processor window

The mesh used for plotting is the same as generated by the mesher, which means for 1D simulations the line segments are not ordered. The PostProcessor window creates a 1 Dimensional slice automatically from 1 dimensional line data-set.

File Browser

In the file browser one could open a working directory. The upper list holds the directories, and the bottom one the files. One click on a vtu file opens the file in the preview window, a double click opens a new instance, and plots it in the new tab.


The clipboard can be filled with variables from the variable list, and they could be pasted to it.

Graphic Window

In the Graphic Window 1,2 and 3 dimensional datasets can be plotted. This is an interactive area, which means the plotscan be zoomed and moved vertically.

1 Dimension

The plot area holds the axis title and legends for the visible variables. The position of the legends, and the axis range, and style can be set in the Global Control.

Higher Dimension

In 2 and 3 dimension the Graphic window is the same, The plot can be rotated, zoomed, and moved. It holds a color-bar, and arrows representing the coordinate system.

Global Plot Control

It sets the range of the axes, and the orientation could be also changed.

Variable List

The variables to plot are listed here, the visibility can be set with the checkbox. The Variable could be copied to the Clipboard with right mouse click.

Plot parameters

1 Dimension

Just curve plots could be plotted, the style, color, and width could be changed.

2 Dimension

The plot can be chosen to a color, contour, or a surface plot.

Color plot
Contour plot
Surface plot

For each type of plots, the color-map can be set. It can be from the following types: Rainbow, Inverted Rainbow, Greyscale, Radiation, Isoluminant, Brewer

Inverted Rainbow

3 Dimension

The plot can be chosen to a color, contour, or a Volume plot.

Color plot
Contour plot
Volume plot
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