The Sweep Controller used to evaluate parameter sweeps defined in the Input files. It modifies the values of the parameters in the input file, and builds up a folder structure with the results, as in the three Structure in the Sweeps section. If probe elements were defined, the results are collected together to main probes table, from the single probes.dat files resulted on each simulation section. If a sweep element is defined in the Units section of the Input file of the Finite element solver the Graphical user interface automatically starts the simulation through the Sweep controller.

Sweeps can modify the symbolic expressions in the Materials or in the Studies section, and able to rebuild the mesh to the modified geometry values.

Command Line Interface

The Sweep Controller can be used also from command line interface, with the following arguments if the geometry remains the same during the simulations:

    --E, -exepath    #Used Finite element simulator executable
    --I, -input      #Input file used in the simulations.
    --M, -mesh       #Path to the "mesh.mzxm" file
    --O, -outputdir  #Directory to save the results

If the geometry changes during the simulations, it should be finalized, and rebuilt. In that case the full project should be submitted to the SweepController

    --E, -exepath    #Used Finite element simulator executable
    --I, -input      #Input file used in the simulations.
    --P, -project    #Path to the project file *.xsproj
    --F, -finalizer  #Path to the finalizer executable
    --H, -mesher     #Path to the mesher executable
    --O, -outputdir  #Directory to save the results

Cluster computation and MPI Usage

In those occasions when cluster computation is needed the SweeepController_MPI executable should be used as MPI program

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